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Thread: Recent story developments in Naruto.

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    I didn't exactly mean he literally absorbs the power. I meant that since he had shukaku for so long that even if Shukaku was extracted a little bit might be left, like the ability to use sand or something.

    For example, Naruto's whiskers, since he has Kyuubi inside of him, he has whiskers while no one else has them. He wasn't born with whiskers, they just came in while he was growing cuz of Kyuubi. So, just like that maybe something similar happens to Gaara except its Shukaku's powers instead of something else. (And about the Naruto chakra thing, I meant his stamina)

    Also, Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto to contain it, it's not actually merged with him like Gaara\Shukaku is.
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