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Thread: Reformatting Hard drive

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    Re: Reformatting Hard drive

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother
    My system discs aren't working so i tried reformatting my hard drive using MS-DOS or "Command Prompt". Although, I'm getting a message saying it cannot run because volume is being used by another process. It asked if i wanted to force a dismount and a selected yes, but it didn't work. Any way of me fixing this?
    Ummm... wait. Your system discs aren't working.... so... you're rebooting?

    OK, not the best at this, but first, I agree with Len and chief, but also, doing a reformat when you don't have any recovery media (basic stuff that might have been supplied with the computer (which I THINK you're referring to when you say "system discs"), or maybe a Win XP (or other OS) installation CD) would lead to your computer being completely inoperable for a while until you DO get some formatting media... again, a Win XP cd is recommended (well, OK, it's Windows, but still...).
    Maybe I'll come up eith a sig soon... until then, be patient.

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    Re: Reformatting Hard drive

    First, back up your data (of course).
    Download Acronis DiskEditor 6.
    In the Open Drive dialog, select the DRIVE ICON to the leftmost side by clicking (important!)
    and (OK). You should see this:
    čąđľ|żWó¤Ă‹NƒůuŤ^CâűŚVŚVui*V„Ňybčö »ŞUÍro;^\ujŃésf´BĆFëf‰¶öţ*D„Ŕt<t<t*€â€u˃ĆÄ\‰^ŚF
    ţŽůţuŇ°1ĆFŐPˆFŇľh¬„Ŕt´łÍëóč ˆFľ®<uĆÍ3҉V‰V
    č} r¸ż ‹ÜVPP2äÍX‹őÍX^sOuë°2r˛@*fž{ĆGr5uˆW@ÄN‰OŚGy*NˆO%€ÇţUŞu…úÍu	ĆGúéÇGű”ˆč ˙ätΈW$ëÉ]3ŔŽŘŽŔŽĐĽ |U˝˘üűĂ´RÍ3Ű*Ţ‹F
    MBR Error  
     ress any key to boot from floppy...          |                ‘’  € ţ˙˙?   ňęŐ
    Â                                UŞ
    The headline will read Cylinder 0, Head 0, Sector 1.
    You should see an array of a lot of hex numbers. If not, press F2 to switch to hex view.
    Select the whole block by mouse, click menu Edit, FILL and OK.
    Repeat it on every drive you want to delete.
    It is done during WXP running. After reboot, the disk will act as completely empty. The XP installer will format it to NTFS and you'll get a clean system.

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    Re: Reformatting Hard drive

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    To quote the Forum Rules...
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    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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