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Thread: Religion

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    Re: Religion

    @ Abu Dhabi : I don't understand you. Why in the world are you blowing up? The phrase "God tests" to me means "God plays around". It's like God is going, "Oh, let's see what happens if I do this, or this, or that." He does put us in situations to HELP us, but I wouldn't really use the word "test" because that sounds like he is just... well, experimenting on all of us. I don't quite see how I offended you but I apologise anyway. I never said that we don't face problems, and I never said that we cannot ask God for anything.

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    Re: Religion

    Quote Originally Posted by Spymonk
    Looks to me that u are still looking at all the different religions and haven't decided which one u are gonna follow to the end.
    Haha. Are you kidding? Dude, you have mistaken me yet again. My mind is not as simple to be interpreted, so stop trying because all will be futile. As I said earlier, I follow the principles of Hinduism and Buddhism, but I also hold onto my conviction as The Divine God being just one, not multiple. Get it? I am nowhere near being lost. I have known my ways all the way from the beginning. I am one with The Divine God, so I am never lost. It is the people, who fight over religions that are lost. Enough said.

    And Blue, you are one adamant girl, that you are.

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    Re: Religion

    Christian, but not conformist. I believe in the agnostic bible. I find it sad that so many Christians are cheated out of their own history because of the King James Version. Most Christians have never even heard of Lilith. Just one of the many ways that early Christian men controlled women by not allowing them to see the strong female influences in the original texts.
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