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Thread : A worthless apology

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Yeah, well, i just wanted to say sorry for everything that i've ever done against AO. I caused a lot of trouble over nothin but bein the stupid little kid i am. And even though i know it's not gonna make much of a difference if even one at all, like i said, i just wanted to say sorry for causin the trouble, and i didn't mean to cause all thr stress for nothin. Sorry Gig, and to what you said Gallcomp, your right, i was bein a kid, i was a coward, and i lack character, and theres not much i can do to change that. But i just wanted to say that last little bit. And also sorry to AgentOrange for whatever stuff i said, and Lord Katsuhito. For those who don't know, it's me, AnimeAficianado. I know it's breaking the rules to create another account after you've been banned, and thanks to Lord Katsuhito i wasnt added to the ban list even though i was banned, so i was still being treated nicely through what i caused with my thread "The Problems With AO". But as much trouble as i get into, i just had to say this one last thing. Call me what you will, do what you will, i know ill probably get banned here too, i expect it. But i just can't say it enough, sorry guys. And don't think im doing this to try and get back into AO. That would be nice but i don't care, i don't even care if you guys accept the apology or not, i just wanted to say it so that i know i at least tried to make up for what i did. Again, sorry.
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