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Thread: ripped walls

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    Re: ripped walls

    Hello! This is XtAzY, the admin of AnimeOST.NET.

    Apparently i havent been monitoring the gallery since i've been busy doing osts and redesigning the site and being busy myself too. I also forgot to add a rule saying any images that are uploaded to AnimeOST.NET must have provide a message that contains the origin, the source, and additional credits in the comment area. And it seems i have overlooked the rules and not been setting up rules and restrictions to the gallery. I have not seen any of these wallpapers so i have no idea where they came from.

    Therefore, since most of the gallery have ripped images without being properly credited and information about the source, these images will be deleted. I could simply empty every images in those categories, but we will manually go through each image and delete the ones that are not properly credited. Probably 5% of the images are ok, and the remaing ones are ripped =p.

    I doubt that the ripped images will be kepted, but if theres an alternate way of keeping the images, like having every single image to be updated with the proper info AND having an apology to to the front site of AnimeOST.NET, let me know. It's ok if it's not possiible since i have not done my job as an admin to go over the rules with my members and spending the time watching over the gallery.

    Again, I'm sorry about all the trouble that this may have caused. I know how rip images sucks ass since i don't like my images ripped to other sites without permission or not credited properly. I really don't want people to be upset and have people turning away from AnimeOST.NET since the site is already in poor shapes this whole month. Please take this post as my humble apology and that we can get along.

    If you have addition solution and instructions, feel free to pm me or email me. I'm a person who likes to help people and make friends, not making enemies =].

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