My body lying in the soil.
the gravestone markings saying this.
"here lies the giver of himself"
and so i still give to this day

The roses that bloom there now,
they grow and collect my body,
so that they may be strong,

They are the comfort for others,
for no one weap for me,
but my last request was to plants these.

"Red Roses,
Because I loved all.
Take one, and give it to one you love,
I lay and give to them daily.
Justin M."

The roses are my gift to the world,
in which i could not give to.
So the roses planted by my feet.
Are for all to take.

take one rose beautiful girl,
it's my gift to you.
Be not sad pretty lady,
it's my gift and I watch over you.

do not shead a tear,
hear my voice in the wind?
i'm here now and embrace you so.
whatever plagues you,
please heal with this rose.

now go and make things better,
as it should be,
these words i wish to speak,
from beyond the grave.

I shall watch you,
and comfort you so,
as I have done so here,
for these gravestone's roses.

By: Justin McCormick

"These are my gifts to the world.... I just hope they don't go to waste...."