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Thread: Running away.

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    Post Running away.

    I need some opinions...

    What would you think of me if I ran away to japan. I would grab my backpack and the ecencial needs to keep me alive and I would grab my wallet. I am sick of it here. The state has pushed me to go places.... I hate them... I hate them all...
    I dont know what to do... I want to live there. jI want to go! Illl do anything! I have plans for escape and this is what I have come up with.

    Plan A - Foriegn exchange student

    from budget I have put togather the cost of a hosting place and such. I really messed up my ninth grade year because I failed a few classes. Now I get A's and B's so my gpa is 3.2 this year.

    I hve to raise 80,00 for than organiation to host me going to Japan as an exchange student. I feel like my bbeing a kid is being wasted i this country going to school talking to people keeping my grades up ex.... I amsick of it... tired,, waiting for somethingwhile the government is responsible for me since I have no parents. I dont care what my family thinks of me. I have to do this. I have to be a Japanese highschool sudent. I have been studying the language. So far i can speak moer than my freind that takes an actual class and has been in thee for 8 months. I have been studying fmonth. I can start a basic conversation.

    Plan B - Run...

    I will grab my stuff and my thngs to survive and I will run to the nearest place. I do not think I can get passed airport security and hitch a ride in a bo in cargo.... Ill find out when a boat is leaving and ill sneak on boaud. The thing is... what will do when i get there. If get caught then the japanese police will just send me right back to america.... What if Im waring nothing that has america on it? I dont know. Mabey I can just live with them. I have 6 months. I want to do what ever I can. I want to graduate highchool in Japan. I have to... I want to!..........

    Plan C - I BEG,.... (Self Explanitory)

    So what do you think.....

    I'm Out Of My ****ing Mind. Aren't I?

    Please don't Post Stupid comments either. If you want to protest me or something send me and email. [email protected] I check my mail 4 times a day and always reply.

    So ... hmmm...
    I.. uhm.. ^ ^

    Ill stay with you guys the hole trip making posts all the way there even in the plane where i ride or if I run then the box where I hide. Mabey you guys can help me.

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    Re: Running away.

    you've got some good plans..
    I think you can do it but can i come too??
    oh and if you wanna stay out of america (which i agree sucks) then if you get caught say your british or irish, or speak french. then slowly make your way back. oh, say your russian so you can be close..
    anyway. i understand and i'll help you, however I can.
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    Re: Running away.

    Sounds like you got a interresting journal topic.... but i just don't see a need to discuss about your running away.

    "Ps, add it too ur journal we got alot of journal fanatics around here lol"
    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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