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Thread: Saved From Myself....

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    Saved From Myself....

    Why am I alone now?
    i know your there my friends,
    but i cannot feel you.

    what is this?
    i cannot hear your voices,
    and i cannot see your faces.

    what is this i'm feeling?
    numbingness flowing over me,
    yet i am in pain.

    what is this place?
    I feel as if I've been here before,
    but the walls are dark,
    yet i see no walls.

    Are there walls?
    I cannot move to know,
    cannot peer to tell,
    for the darkness of pitch black,
    and the blur of teardrops.

    what is this place?
    i recognize the decor.....
    this is my mind....!!!

    without care,
    and that is why such a place is vacant.
    that's why there is no one here,
    because no one cares,
    or so I feel.

    i hear something...
    a hum,
    faint and i can barely move.

    what is it that draws me?

    a faint light,
    is this my death?

    what is this...?

    a computer....
    the light i can barely see.

    i slowly approach it....

    i climb into the chair and see,
    the name of the only one who's there,
    the only one who cares...

    i can type,
    my strength returns....
    all because of this person,
    one i shall never meet.

    thank you...
    whomever you are,
    for saving me.

    i owe it to you...

    i wake up scarred....
    but alive............................................

    By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    nice stuff......i like it.


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