Normally road rage would have occurred,
but not on this occation.

Driving home my sister and I,
with our friends and parents,
who gave us a meal.
We come home and make our road.

We get behind a turning car,
who gets in the middle of the road.

My sister freaks and slams on the horn.....
we dodge,
mom and dad stop short of them.

we continue around and begin to roll on,
when I hear something....

my sister is in deep hyperventalation....

she won't stop the car,
but i don't ask her to do so.

we drive for a couple of miles like this,
before we get home.


He runs to her,
all I can do is stop my tears.
I can bearly do that.

it takes her 10 minutes to calm,
before she can breathe right again.

i could have died because of,
the carelessness of another driver,
maybe even because of my sister's condition.

i wish that lady only knew........

sometimes...i just hate some people....
forgive me.

By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

"You never know how your actions can affect others."