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Thread: Scrapped Princess

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    Scrapped Princess

    I just finished the second volume of Scrapped Princess, so far I like the series a lot though I feel the series could work a bit more at making the story deeper. Meaning the second volume did a bit to help the existing infrastructure of the current character profiles and overall development but did very little to progress the story. So far it has been a lot of run away from this town, kill this enemy and introduce the next one but very little real story building (alas maybe in the third installment). Any thoughts?

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    Re: Scrapped Princess

    jesus, i watched this last year and i thought it was schweeeeet... the ending kinda rocks your boat.. have u ever seen the movie "the village"? If you did.. remember how there was an "outside"? ****ING MESSED UP... like super messed in the head.. some people would say "tsssssss stuff like that aint so great.. " BUT IT IS GREAT. When the system in Scrapped Princess gets revealed and the 2 last episodes happen yer gonna be peeing and or crying in yer seat.


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