Arrianna (because I'm too lazy to quote .^_^.) :

*laughs* I never knew that there was a 'large' option. I guess you do learn something new every day In any case, it helped find a few images, but they need a lot of work done and plus they aren't of the character I initially wanted. However, now I know how to narrow my search! .^_^.

Jaderabbit :

*laughs again* Yes, I have noticed that about screen captures, including everyones opinion about them .^_^.

I did hunt for images online, and in a jumbled attempt, I searched on google NOT on images like I had been, but on Web instead. I finally found a few good sites, unexpectedly welcome I assure you .^_^.

Thanks so much for your expertise! *walks away feeling bad for the poor little dejected screen captures*