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    ...anyone in here in-world?

    For the uninitiated, SecondLife is an MMORPG, but with a very different twist--you, the residents, make the world as you want it--in essence it's like living in your very own anime that you yourself built and maintain.

    Some of my own favorite SL screenshots lately, featuring me and some friends:

    Me and my sister Hailey...we're both in the family ((ortez. We are chilling beside this volcano LOL

    Jaq (gal in pink), a LindenLabs assistant, then me (camos), and Sis Hailey, in a sandbox building area. Check out Jaq's hot pants. I was constructing my new HK MP5's when they dropped by.

    Check out Dreams' hot boots! I wanna make my own! LOL

    Me and sister Cin Vixen, at family HQ. That's one of my finished MP5A2's strapped onto my back.

    Family ((ortez meeting. Me and Cin are family elders. The guy standing next to me is my brother Marcus, our leader.

    I'm Heimdall Bachman in-game, aircraft designer/maker, and weapons specialist. If you happen to be in-world, don't forget to drop an IM.

    Ok here's more info for the curious ones:

    a. Even though you see me carrying guns and that I design guns myself, they are not dangerous to people in the SL world...but...there are DESIGNATED DANGER AREAS where you can get "killed" when shot at (you are either logged off the server or teleported back to your own house/home).

    b. You can design ANY weapon you want, ANY vehicle you want, ANY body form, shape, clothing, jewelry you WANT...or you can buy them LOL if you don't have the talent. It's all a matter of "scripting" (programming) the finished 3D object to perform as you want it to behave in-world.

    c. Characters move smoothly and quite realistically--there is world-physics courtesy of the Havok2 3D-engine--the game really looks great with high-end PC's and the latest PSM2/3 capable videocards.

    d. The level of character-to-character (avatar-to-avatar) interaction is practically, I'll leave that up to your imagination LOL>

    e. You can work your way UP in the world, by knowing how the economy works, and trying to set up business that can earn and make you more Linden Dollars (L$) or even real world dollars)

    f. You can actually be every inch the Vash Stampede or the Faye Valentine you've always wanted. There are a lot of Japanese players in-world, and they will give you lots of pointers if you want an anime-themed character. My character is only-semi-anime themed, but I do want him to look a bit Asian and Noir-ish LOL.

    Simply put, if you want more out of an MMORPG or even an anime-based RPG/Game, look no further than SecondLife. Yes, it's not for everybody, but if you think you are creative and want to show off your talents, and you want a world where you can FULLY express yourself and your talents, join us, in-world.

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