A movie based off the true story on the young Stephen Glass and how he made up the article "Hack Heaven". The links below are link to give yu more info on what happened. The movie s very dead on the real thing. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie... who am I kiding, almost everyone will like it. If you don't like it then you suck!
Here's a basic outline:
The New Republic had many writers. The median age was 26. The youngest of the group of writers was Stephen Glass. Who at the time was 24. Micheal Kelly was the editor at the time who ends up getting fired and one of the writers Chuck (forgot his last name) becomes the editor. Stephen then actually decides to make up the article "Hack Heaven". The article is about how a 15 year old boy (Ian Rustell) hacks into a site and... Well see the movie. I have the "Hack Heaven Article link posted below (article begins at "Washington Scene: Hack Heaven").

Hack Heaven Article
Response to the article (Forbes Magazine)
Jukt Micronics