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Thread: Sick..or Love Sick

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    Unhappy Sick..or Love Sick

    [(A Mostly true story.... )]

    I lay down to my bed of past,
    hoping to wake up in the future.
    I travel in time...
    to where you are,
    picturing you there,
    i see who you are.
    i wish i could tell you,
    how i feel,
    but my emotions caged,
    because i can't love you now.
    a tear is shed,
    as i watch your beauty.
    the beauty that a man like me,
    can only see.
    internal, kind-heartedness,
    wrapped in a dark shell,
    that is your unusual self.
    knowing that i might never love you,
    i might never hold you,
    i might never... kiss you.
    another tear is shed,
    and you turn my way.
    you see me in pain,
    and ask me why.
    all i can say is,
    "i wish i could tell you...."
    you wonder why a secret it's kept,
    then your intelligence shines...
    you don't know what to think,
    because i'm broken over you.
    This is the part that i wish you'd hold me,
    that you are for me here,
    but not knowing if you like me,
    other than a friend.
    i doubt it would be happy, though.
    "There's only one way,
    you'll ever know how much I love you,
    how much I care for you.
    One way in which
    i can show you my heart,
    my soul, and my mind.
    Only one way to understand me..."
    not getting anymore words out...
    you lean in to kiss me,
    when my mind torments me,
    with the waking of my body....

    (Teary eyed) "..........not again....."
    Sickly still after 4 hours rest.
    I wake up....
    so I can go back to bed....

    "Don't torment me my mind.....

    Justin McCormick

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    that wqas truley beautiful..... i loved the way it flowed from 1 line to another... great work!!
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