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Thread: Signature Requests... READ FIRST!!

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    Exclamation Signature Requests... READ FIRST!!

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    As a reminder for AO Forum members who wish to submit a Signature request, YOU MUST BE A COMMUNITY MEMBER (with 50 real posts) in GOOD STANDING (with no current infractions) before making a signature request.

    In addition...

    Quote Originally Posted by SasuraiHell View Post
    Updated Sept/06-rules from the old thread.

    AnimeOnline has been refreshed with new graphic artists and are lending us thier power.

    They've offered to design signatures for Anime Online members.

    The new Signature Design Team is:

    Zaraki Kenpachi

    To the old sig makers if you wish, please pm me if you wish to come back

    Please place your signature requests in this thread only.

    For information on what a signature is, please check out the Anime Online FAQ.

    Of course there are some procedures with requesting a signature be made for you, and I'll go over them below.


    1. Provide us with a link to the render or image you want in the signature

    2. The size of the signature (500 x 115 maximum)

    3. The quote or flavour text you want in it [Optional]

    4. Colours to avoid, and a theme

    5. Name or text you want to be displayed on the signature [optional too]

    6. You need a post count of 50 for requesting a signature

    7. Please say if you would prefer an animated signature, these do take more time!

    8. Avatars can be requested as well! Please use the above guidelines for your avatar request (100 x 100 maximum)

    9. Userbars will also be placed here. (500 X 20 minimum)

    10. DO NOT keep posting your request on every page. that will not get it done any quicker. if you will ,you will receive an infraction for spam. Our team will get to it.

    Becoming a sig member!
    -To become a SigReq member you must be voted in the group by a nomination from all signature members
    PLEASE PM Zackraa with samples of your work, and please wait for his pm of approval.

    This thread is for the members who are part of AO's sig team, if you are not part of the team, please do not take req here. you must earn your way to the team.

    note: this thread will be shut down and re-made every 30 pages for organizational purposes. If your request was lost due to this, do not hesitate to re-post on the new thread.

    Thanks Guys! And happy sigging
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