sitting in the cyan glow,
of my computer screen.
hoping and praying,
that this is just some nightmare.
i pray i wake,
from this world that conspires,
to destroy the very soul,
of this once kind man.
i stare at your picture,
in my mind.
wishing to hear from you again,
but scarred that the reason,
i haven't heard,
is that you don't care anymore.
the bluish tint on my body,
now stripped naked with pain,
it is what keeps me,
feeling alive.
as i cry out loud,
growing even more insane.
where is my serenity,
that has kept me till now?
the calmness of it all,
the room and silence.
i haven't heard silence,
since my pain started,
years ago.
what i wouldn't give,
to see your words now.
what i wouldn't give,
to hear your voice.
i'm sorry for this,
sickness and grief.
i just wanted friends,
and just a little relief.
my insanity has yielded,
for now.
let this be the last day,
that i suffer.
cyan screen,
give me calmness,
so that i do not have,
to again go through this.
i hear silence...
not even a computerate hum...
this is the silence of cyan.....

Justin McCormick (K' Heart) "When all is lost, why give up? Cause if you do gain, then will you again lose?"