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Thread: Slow Network Problems

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    Slow Network Problems

    I live in Residence at my university and I have my internet through the residence network. Over the past few years I've lived here and had the net I have found the connection to be almost as slow or sometimes slower than dial up, for the longest time I thought it was the network that sucked. It's a T1 connection I think.

    Anyways I have come to the conclusion it must be my computer since this year I have talked to other people who it runs fine for and my roommate who just got her connection today is having no problems and it's working fine and fast for her.

    For me at the moment it's going slower than dialup and 95% of all sites won't even connect it's so slow. Sometimes it speeds up to almost normal but for the most part it's just slower and slower as times goes on. And I can't take having this slow connection while other people are having no problems so I wanna know if anyone knows what is wrong.

    I am running Windows 2000, I have a pentium 3 1.0 Ghz, 256 RAM. ethernet card, yada yada and so forth. It's not a dinosaur. I am wondering if I may have something on my computer restricting it or what and if there is any way to check this.
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    Re: Slow Network Problems

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    A T1 line is faster then DSL, so you should have decent bandwidth. The only thing that I can think of that can slow the ethernet board badly is sharing a IRQ with another device. (And if you don't understand how IRQ lines work, it's time to go find a friendly geek...) Fixing the problem would involve changing BIOS configurations and/or swapping card slots on the motherboard...
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    Re: Slow Network Problems

    If you are in the US, check out cnet's bandwidth tester:SPEEDCHECK

    You might want to run it a couple of times, and during different hours a day and find the median score. The file itself is not graphically dependant, which means it will test (mainly) your connection, and not your graphics processor or CPU chip.

    Colleges are funny though. The connection is shared among many students and possibly faculty as well, so at any given point, even a T1 might be too little. These days, T1 isn't the top connection. The newer direct fiber channels are popping up on university campuses and industrial settings.

    Oh yeah, one last thing. That test won't tell you everything, but may shed some light.


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