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Thread: Soliva Spit Society Video

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    Soliva Spit Society Video

    I know this is for anime talk....but this has anime!!

    Wanted to let you guys know about Toronto hip hop crew Soliva Spit Society's new Video and Contest.

    Here is the links:

    *no advertising allowed*

    Here is where it gets interesting...there is a contest for the Video. There are clips from over 20 different anime films/series in the video, the first person to email SSS with the names of at least 13 of the films/series wins a copy of SSS's debut EP "Test the Waters" and DJ Alibi's "Music on the Way Back" CD's.

    post your thoughts on the video and see if anyone can get 13 or more of the clips.
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    Re: Soliva Spit Society Video

    1) If you want to announce a contest here you need to clear it with a board administrator first.
    2) We don't allow advertising in the threads.
    3) Unless you've got written permission from the license holders of the shows, you're going to be screwed hard by some ugly lawyers.
    4) Thread is closed until an admin approves the contest.
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