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Thread: Somber Tears

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    [Poem] Somber Tears

    there is a place of unanswered dreams
    deep inside this sullen chest
    as she lays there I wonder why
    why the torment and the pain,
    the softly spoken cold words I Love You
    there's a toxicity in those words
    a poison of the heart
    I kneel to wipe it away but the softness comes back
    the thoughts of yesterday ring in my mind

    the silence bleeds through into my breath
    the cold reminder of those nights before
    a perfect setting, a perfect time to bleed a heart
    a heart of all the pain all the suffering and unspoken words

    The silenced words of lost burn into the
    remains of the thoughts of then
    wretched tears stream down my face
    as night sombers into a new start

    I wrote this about some hard and very confusing times between me and my GF, what do you think of it?
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    If I gave you pretty enough words.
    could you pain a picture of us that works.
    an emphasis on function rather than design.
    aren't you tired cause I will carry you, on a broken back
    and blown out knees, I have been where you are for a while..
    Aren't you tired of being weak?
    Such rage that you could scream. the stars right out of the sky
    And destroy the prettiest starry night. every evening that I die.

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    wow wow wow!! that was beautiful!! both of them were!! i love the second one becasue it seems to relate to me right now!! but the second one is me too because i am always so weak spirited...beautiful keep on rockin me babe!!
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    I think that second one is his signature.

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