Sence the server move we have been having alot of board issues. My main one is the gorup permissions. Everything is still working to some extent I don't know how long it will last. with all the problems in the admin CP. So I Hope soon Dan will be upgrading the board to 3.5 version when the stable release comes out in a few more weeks. If you start noticing any problems (i. e. sig problems in the moc CP unable to ban (Smods and Admins) and any other problems having to deal with member managamen) Post them here and I or dan will get on them right away.

As for the sudden glitch in the journal. I don't know how thats happening with the "s Journal BS but if you spot anymore let me or Dan know in this topic as well. if it comes down to it I will purge all the hack databse tables and we will do a clean install of the board and re apply everything the way it was. I am thinking all this moving is effecting the board in some way.