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Thread: Some words from the cast 1 (other)

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    Some words from the cast 1 (other)

    Beautiful, that is what I had been. Father loved his beautiful little daughter, un-blessed by the dragons though I was. I never lacked for gifts in my father’s presence. Every journey he went on he brought back a priceless bauble or poppet for me. Our house was filled with all manners of beautiful things to please me. I was waited on at all moments, but that’s not what I wanted.

    A whore, that’s what I had been. Maybe I thought that the very presence of the Dragons’ chosen would somehow facilitate my entry into their ranks. There was not anyone, no matter how ugly or foul, as long as they had the dragons’ blood coursing in their veins, that could not find their way to my bed.

    Naïve, that’s what I’d been. Married off to a lesser house for breeding fodder, I thought maybe my lot would improve. My husband was a womanizer, who dressed me in rags and made me do his vile bidding. I had one child; he is eight now. The love of my life, now taken off to primary school.

    Murdered, that’s what I’d been. Enraged by some trivial matter, my husband struck me and slew me, or at least he came close. When his fist made impact with my skull, a dark whisper entered my mind with the jolt. Power to be everything I ever wanted. Power to avenge my once beautiful life. Power beyond that of even the elemental dragons themselves. I grasped the voice in my blood that filled mind and gave my assent. The world went gray, and I saw everything that was wrong with it. Too much petty squabbling over influence, which is why I’d been married off. Too many frivolities with too high a value. Too much power in the hands of those too weak or too near sighted to properly use it. In one aspect, however, every one becomes equal. I will bring equality to the world. I will bring death.

    My name, my life; they are gone. I have a new name now, Life of Scorn’s Truth. I will make that name heard. I will make that name known. It will be a name synonymous with the foul smell of corpses and skies black with crows. I am reborn, dear father, dear husband, and I remember you well.

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    Wow, this is really different, and its good to.

    If you could make a poem of it, i wanted to see it.

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    wow, this is a letter-poem (i believe). lol


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