I decided to with the poen for Manga,Anima and Hentai
Becuse I see them
Beyong Divinaty
The most beutyful creations ever
Nothing can compare to them
Infinitie beuty is hidden there

And so is my poem

I see you
Look at you
And loving you
Your pretty eyes
Your soft skin
Your sweet voice
Shiny eyes
Soft skin
You are magical
Like you burst out of a fairy tail
I look at your eyes
And I see a sea
A quiet see
Full of love
I tuch your skin
And I feel loved
I kiss your lips
And I feel alive
I hug you
And I wake up
I love you
And i feel like a god
I tuch your lips
And I am melting
When we kiss
I feel god within me
I thank god
For creating you
A beutiful humen being
A godess of beuty
For your beuty
Is Beyond Divinaty

I am sorry for the spelling misstakes
Im from Israel
Any questions about this poem to
[email protected] [Messenger]