How is it possible,
to dream with eyes wide?
with mind wide open,
and thoughts,
moving deep within?
yet still my mind dreams,
of you,
my love and grace.
my heart isn't here,
it's with you.
is that why,
i feel like i'm not me,
when you go away,
and leave only a piece,
of soul within me?
is it just enough to,
let me live,
till you come back,
and let me have heart again?
is that why,
my skin is cold?
even on this computer,
i feel alive,
when i hear your words.
is this you that i desire,
or did you steal my heart?
you con
you thief...
you scoundral,
i love you for it!!
my angel that is in heaven,
do you message me from there?
are you here with me now,
can i see your glimmering wings,
and halo on top?
or are you more human,
that any before you,
made more pure,
with a shell as to disguise?
comfort me now,
as i lay in your pillow of wing.
sing to me angel,
so that my sorrows go away.
be with me now,
so that my heart can soar,
so i can feel loved,
my angel....
(sigh) let me lie,
so that i can sleep,
through all my pain,
and ever feel
unloved anymore.
angel please be with me now,
so i can not cry...
my dreams have taken my tears,
and i wish not to cry anymore.
i miss you when you go...
i want you so badly.
please let me tell you,
so i don't go insane..........
(crying) please love me too.....

((tears hit the floor as I fall,
down to the ground,
now where i cry and lay......))

Justin McCormick ::: K' Heart