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Thread: Sound Systems

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    Re: Sound Systems

    what exactly are you looking for. are you looking at getting a system w/a central receiver or a sub/sat system [similar to a pc setup]? are you looking at getting a home theater in a box or do you feel more inclined to buy separate components?

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    Re: Sound Systems

    First off, when looking for a surroundsound system, don't worry too much about total watt values, especially if your room is smaller than 25'x25'. Any system that is over $250. is most likely well loud enough for your room.

    What you should ask yourself is what you plan on connecting to the system, and how expandable you want it to be for future upgrades.

    Check for input types- RCA, S-video, Coaxial, SPDIF (Sony-Phillips Digital Interface) {both coaxial and/or fiber optic}, etc. For example, if you have a high-end progressive scan DVD with optical SPDIF out as one of the audio-out options, then why not get a surround system that can handle that sort of input. This will reduce the amount of AD-DA compression and decompression that your signal will have to go through- resulting in a cleaner, more reliable sound, and as a bonus, this will reduce the over all cable clutter by channeling the 5.1-7.1 audio signal down to one cable. _note that this will add around $25-$50 to you cost for an optical cable.

    If you got that route, don't bother with polished optical cables, as they do not increase sound quality significantly enough to justify the $25. price difference.

    There are newer input-output plugs on the horrizon that will handle both digital audio and video in pone plug, but don't worry about the standards that I mentioned above. They aren't going anywhere soon.

    Check out the speaker stats. Human hearing is typically around 20-20,000htz. Decent subwoofers should reach at the very least 300htz to reproduce rich bass. The lower is usually better, but be cautious of cheap housings in these modules, as the rumble of low-end bass can create vibration noise in lesser products. Surround speakers should hold a good min-to high range, filling in the void of the sub. It is not so important to reach the full hearing spectrum, but better speakers come closer. High-end units will typically have Tweeters or Horn speakers for the high signals. If your room is small, you might want to check out the shielding of the speakers if placed near video equipment (computer surround systems are typically magnetically shielded for use near monitors).

    Finally, some companies have come out with wireless rear speakers. Although I have not personally used these, I do wonder if there is any RF signal interference from other wireless products such as wireless lan phones, mircowave ovens, WIFI, etc. It would be a shame to have a good setup, only to have the sound cut out everytime the neighbors get a call.

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