I swing from building to building,
I am the Amazing Spider-Man.
But the people that are the characters,
Are changed in my mind if they can.

I am Peter Parker,
The jock I know is Flash Thompson.
My dark haired crush is the girl Indy,
And the love I can't have is Mary Jane Watson.

Still wishing that I could be there for them,
Wishing I didn't have to play hero all the time.
All these things revolve around me,
And that drive me insane and it's all mine.

So I whip the robbers,
Some simpleton and a bunch of thugs.
Then Indy steps out,
And she's met by a few slugs.

She's dying and it all seems so real,
Though somehow someway I know it's not real.
But someway I may think it is,
I don't know what to do but still....

I lay over her body,
"Please Indy hang on!" I cry.
I don't want you to lay there now,
I don't want you to die.

Then for some reason I leap,
But this time I don't swing.
I fall to MY death,
In all my life that's my one thing.

What I always wanted to do,
But never had the guts to try and accomplish.
But then I wake up,
And ten times moreover, I want rid myself of all of this.

For I never had a chance with Indy or Mary Jane,
I realize that the dream was a nightmare.
Because to them I was never a hero.
So I want to receed to the closest corner and stay there.

As Spider-Man I had pain, sure,
But I has always able to save them at least.
But now I am simply Justin not Peter,
And my insanity can now have feast.

I gather what I can of this reality,
To help me get over this deep within me.
So now i figure that all will be lost,
If soon I don't find a love that I can hold and see.

So I go back to sleep and put on my mask,
hoping to save the day and hopefully Mary Jane.
As a Spidey fan I know Mary Jane doesn't die,
I just want to find her now, and hopefully soon.....someday.