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Thread: Staw Wars Knights of the old republic 1 and 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenX
    First one was ok, second one was do I put it....shitty.

    Bugs and glitches up the wazoo, 10+ hours before you get an actual lightsaber, and the leveling is so extremly fast that it gets a bore to play it.
    The only reason the leveling is so fast is that there are 50 levels. When I beat the game, I was level 46.

    Oh, and I had my lightsaber in 5 hours

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    KOTOR 1 was one of the best RPGs I ever played in my opinion, the best story-wise. The "Revelation" video (onboard the Leviathan, I'll say no more since it is a spoiler, but I think you get which one) just astonished me, how they could include such things in the game and I hadn't figured it out (although I did feel weird when one of the Jedi Council guys had told me "an all too familiar path").

    The ending is much better with the darkside, and since I had ******* as my lover and apprentice I was quite happy

    You don't meet a lot of people in the second one from what I've heard, but you meet Bastila and Carth.

    I'd wish for a KOTOR 1 mod where you could play after having defeated Malak (LS AND DS) and be in romance with Bastila. So like either conquering the galaxy with her and having some romantic moments (after DS end), or saving some more people around and living somewhere with her (after LS end).

    And yes, yes and yes, I'm a Bastila fanboy.

    And if you liked KOTOR: and (not mine).

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