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Thread: Steamboy The Motion Picture

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    Cool Steamboy The Motion Picture

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    Now that Appleseed is out in theaters, the next Big theatrical anime release will be 'STEAMBOY' released by Columbia/TriStar/Sony Pictures, dubbed with a Hollywood voice actor cast. 'STEAMBOY' now holds the record as the most expensive anime movie ever produced in Japan. The official web site for this Movie (with gallery Clips and Trailers) is located here...
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    Yeah I all ready saw this movie, I actually won a free double movie pass to go see it for anwersing correct an Evangelion question in an Anime Trvia contest at an convention.
    I saw it subtitled of course and it's an all right movie... I can see why it's the most expensive anime movie made in Japan. The animation is fantastic... but that's it's only really note worthy feature.
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    I saw the trailer, and it looked pretty good. However, when I read reviews, it didn't seem as good as the trailer made it look... I'm gonna get myself the DVD to see the movie for myself.
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