Out of Character: This is just a little storyline I'm doing for fun. If anyone here is interested in roleplaying with me, send me a pm and I'll work you in. You won't be disappointed.

The rain soaked Jehrad's hair, making it stick to his face as he stared into the distance. His eyes, like those of other demons, were sharp, allowing him to see very far. Even from where he stood the demon could make out the enemy encampment, where Legi waited. Legi.

It had only been a year since the day Legi had betrayed the brotherhood. All had been fine until then; they were steadily gaining power, killing off those pathetic human tribes one by one. They would have become the greatest guild to ever grace this region if not for that fool. Jehrad's fists turned white because he balled them up so hard. The sword at his side almost seemed to beckon to him, telling him to rush in and destroy them all. He knew he had to wait, though. His revenge would come in time.

For what seemed like days Jehrad waited on the hilltop overlooking the camp, until finally the dim light of a torch appeared. Although he could not see it, the demon swordsman knew who it was. As Jehrad watched the small light came closer, soon close enough to make visible the form of a tall, gaunt man. Legi was clothed in a simple hoodless black cloak, but walked like a king, his back ramrod straight and his chest puffed out. Before long the cloaked demon reached the bottom of the hill and stopped, bent down, and put out the torch in a puddle: Demons need no light. After looking over his shoulder for good measure, Legi mounted the hill, stopping three feet from Jehrad. After a long silence he spoke.

"Jehrad. What are you doing here?" The traitor's tone was quick, and not a little fearful.
A grimace dominated Jehrad's face as he replied. "You know why I'm here. I want to kill you, Legi."
The cloaked demon shifted his feet a bit, but went on unpreturbed. "Yes, as I should have known. I did betray you, didn't I. However, you must understand."
"Understand what? What is there to understand? You betrayed us, Legi! There is no excuse for that!" Despite the camp being only a hundred yards away, Jehrad yelled the last sentence.
After another look back Legi took a step forward, raising his hand to his chest. "But Brother, I had to do it. They would have killed me."
Jehrad swiped the air in anger. "Don't call me Brother. You are no longer a Dark Hand, fool! You swore an oath, and you broke it!"
Legi leaned forward in a pleading way. "But Jehrad! Surely you can-" Legi was cut off by a shout from the camp. With wide eyes the demon looked back, then at Jehrad, then back again. After a moment he took off back toward the camp before Jehrad could say another word.