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    Well, I’ve got a story. Or, the first part of one at least. This might be hard to follow because it’s very vague when it comes to characters, place and setting. I will just say now that it consists of monsters, demons, angels, heaven, and hell, and all that jazz. It's kind of short. Actually, it's really short and it's pretty much all action. I’m planning on continuing this more in depth though because Logan (the main character—who is a ‘girl’) is a character I’ve been developing for months now, and I’ve almost got her whole history down. And I love my Logan. I’m hoping that as it continues, it’ll seem clearer as to what the whole story is actually about and why things are the way that they are.

    Anyway, any feedback is appreciated (no flaming please). And I apologize before hand for any hideousness of this story. Because I'm not that good at writing...::cough::

    Warning: By the way, this story has got some strong language in there; some blood and gore…and a sword. If you think you might feel offended, then I guess you shouldn’t read this. Other than that…enjoy. :}


    It was an inconvenience; a pebble in the road that needed to be kicked aside. In Logan's case, it was a worthless attempt of a monster in a human suit that’d been following her ever since she and Scottie had walked out of the bar. The air was damp and frigid. It was the last week of the winter season and in all honesty, Logan would miss that cold feeling that passed through her body. If there was anything that she was willing to admit, it was that she admired the bitter frost. Ten years she'd been living in the human world, and everyday seemed less meaningful than the day before. To her, they were all the same.

    Logan paid no mind to the careless monster that seemed to think walking on cobbled stone was the equivalent to walking on a velvet carpet in a pair of worn out tattered socks. Beside her, Scottie glanced backward at the individual striding behind them, head drooped low. The only visible part being its green eyes and sneering lips. Prickles shot down Scottie's spine; his hairs rising on his neck in salute to fear. Turning his head back, he cleared his throat, "T-there's a guy following us." Logan went on as if she'd heard nothing. The two were reaching the end of the street when the pacing behind them increased its speed. A half an hour they had been walking since leaving the bar and the monster still had the nerve to follow her? She was stoically getting pissed. Abruptly, she stopped; turned around. Casually leaning in slightly on the hilt of her sword, Logan stared blankly at the pathetic life form through gold and silver eyes.

    Ah, her sword. The only thing she truly felt compassion for if not loved. It was the one thing left of any bitter sweet memory. And because she was of a different breed, which she rather liked being left unknown and unwanted, she had the leisure of being able to bring forth its righteous powers whenever she pleased. Though she would normally have it out in the open, she had previously put it away for the sake of remaining what little hearing she had left during Scotties incessant grouch about scaring off the ladies with "such a scary utensil." Why she didn't just sever the man's god damn head off, she didn't know.

    As Logan looked on at the monster, its grin widened in anticipation. Its blackened tongue slithered out between rotten and yellow stained fanged teeth. Scottie grimaced at such a horrifyingly disgusting thing as Logan straightened out, taking a good grip around the hilt of her sword and dusting imaginary dirt off her pants. "I hate dealing with pests." That was Scottie's signal to back up and let things land where they may.

    Striding forward toward the hideous creature, sword in both hands now, Logan sped her pace until she was running at it full speed; the monster doing the same. Scottie watched on in awe. In one quick motion, Logan had swung her sword and was on the opposite side, stopping herself just a couple feet behind the monster. The air became deathly silent. It seemed as if nothing had even happened. But the monster froze as it came to the realization that something had just happened to it. Something terribly detrimental. Logan kept quiet; waiting. And then it came. Seconds passed by and a roaring howl of pain split the silent tension (or lack thereof) as the monster screamed in agony from the sudden loss of both arms that fell stiffly to the ground. Logan took pleasure in hearing the dread that splashed out of its crimson stained mouth as she turned around, facing the pathetic creature. Oh no. She wasn't done yet. Logan was just getting started. She whipped back at the monster and slashed it on any body part she came in contact with until the thing fell backward to the blood splattered cobbled stone. Logan walked the short distant between her and the mangled monster, the blade of her sword dripping blood with every step, stopping only when she was standing between its legs. The expressionless stare of sun and moon looked down at the heaving beast.

    Monsters. That's what they were called. She despised them. The worthless pieces of shit were just another waste of her time. They took any shape and form from human beings to roaches and rats alike. This one was still so pathetic. It stared back at her, a grin now plastered on its bloodied face. That pissed Logan off real bad, though it didn't show. And just for that, she stepped forward with her right foot, placing it on its crotch, and brought her sword up toward the hellish skies and simultaneously brought foot and sword down with one last and final vicious blow. The blade slid through layers of flesh, muscle, bone, and gut of the monsters chest and dug deep into the ground beneath it as her foot caused enough blood spewing damage of its own. The monster cried out in excruciating pain and anger with more horror running out of its throat as it stayed pinned down. Logan drank up the torturous cries and languidly took a seat on the hilt of her embedded sword. Resting her elbows on her knees, she glanced over at Scottie who had taken the liberty to view the event amongst the shadows. So he hung around, eh? Logan mused inwardly.

    The monster beneath her grumbled, "Even if you kill me, there's always going to be another one. You can't hide from this heinous world. His Lordship won't be denied. He will have you killed." Logan stared down at it. There was little or no indication of any emotion in her eyes; as if they dulled at the mention of those words. Those words. Now, the monster had it coming. Logan reached down and gripped her hand on its face, its eyes peeking between her bloodied fingers. Slowly, she began to tighten her grip, harder and harder. The monster mumbled beneath her hand, but she ignored it; as if she really cared what it had to say. The beast's eyes bulged out at the pressure until they popped out of their sockets, its skin painfully and soundly splitting. Blood rained down its face and the monster's skull cracked as Logan applied even more pressure. Tighter and tighter her fist came together. Logan parted her lips, "His Lordship," and at its final capacity, the monster's head burst; bits of brain and skull still locked in Logan's hand, "can go f*** himself."

    She got up off her sword and slowly dragged it out of the creature's lifeless body. She looked up ahead of her, disregarding Scottie who quietly followed after, and began walking toward somewhere and nowhere. Her sword hung beside her left leg as blood dripped to the tip of the blade, falling soundlessly, dissipating before it hit the ground. Behind her, the monster slowly dissolved into nothing. Like it never happened. Never existed.

    Because nothing mattered to Logan anymore. Life was one big meaningless game.

    And no one ever won.



    "When the time is right, you'll learn to love me."


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    That Logan character reminds me somehow of Wolverine. Anyway nice story with a sad ending


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