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Thread: Succesion Techniques

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    Succesion Techniques


    Let's discuss Succession Techniques, what kind of tech's DO U think is the best, and for Heaven's sake state why you think so...

    Remember to give Pro's and Con's, special aspects about that tech and Who uses that tech...

    It can be from Anime's, Manga, Videogames, Movies, whatever, but please don't just take something outta the blue, post it and get going like you got a dildo up your anus...

    I have to do some research of the Tech which I will post later on so..

    but hey I can atleast give ya an example:

    Tech Name; Muhyo Geiten

    User: Akira of the Four Emperors also called the Two-headed Dragon

    Weapon: twin-sword katana- but one of them is a Wakisashi

    from: Samurai Deeper Kyo the manga, maybe also used in the anime show

    specs: turn the enemy to ice, and slices him into icechunks muahaha!!

    Pro's : immobilizes and paralyses(freezes) the opponent, and instant kill..

    Con's : weak against flames, as Hotarou also one of the Four Emperors uses flaming techs.

    Reason: this is just an example ok, so I don't really claim this to be Akira's succession technique...

    OK people, post like crazy.... I expect nothing less

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    Re: Succesion Techniques

    this is a list thread and thats all it will be


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