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Thread: Sunrise

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    Re: Sunrise

    Okay, Thanks again people.

    About a week ago, I found an alarming number of people calling sunrises (and sunsets I suppose) lame. Of course I argued a little, but you know how people can be.
    It strikes me as odd that just because something happens everyday it automaticly becomes 'un-special' or, yeah, 'lame'. I'm sure everyone here agrees that eclipses are cool, but if it were a daily occurance, opinions would probably sag abit.

    But the thing is (something you guys helped me feel more strongly about) is that sunrises (and indeed sunsets) are anything but lame. Just becuase it happens once every 24 hours or so, the actual event itself is always unique. No two early mornings and no two late evinings are ever the same. Maybe if more of us appreciated this, nobody would dare call them lame again. Afterall, they still hold a special meaning for alot of us.

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    Re: Sunrise

    i believe that both the sunrise and sunset are both equally good i prefer sunset though usually i dont have any time to look at the sunrise, but being my driveway is 300 feet long, it would hurt to look every now and then. like i said already, both of them r equally beautiful

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