Recently i was looking for anything on X volume 19 and found this site that had half the book translated.

Anyway, whilst reading through the script that age old question of kamui's true wish comes up again.

Fuuma: You said that you'd get "Fuuma" back...
...Even if it meant you had to hurt me, didn't you?
That is your wish.


...That is not your -true- wish.

Kamui: ...What...?

Fuuma: Your true wish is such that you couldn't possibly realize it until the final battle. Kamui.

Kamui: My wish is to get Fuuma back... Even if people... ...Or even Fuuma himself have to be hurt by me...

That's my wish!
How could I wish for anything else...!

Subaru: ...But you do, Kamui.
You haven't realized it yet,

...It's inside of you.

Kamui: Subaru...

Subaru: And what's more, until you realize it,
nothing will be able to change.

Does anyone have any idea what his true wish could be, cos this series is driving me mad! silly clamp for not releasing any more! or even better, does anyone have any further translations/scans from X vol 19? if you do please send me a link. I'll be interested in what people think. And all credit for the thranslations goes to jamie and Heather, owners of above mentioned website.