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Thread: Thoughts and Words

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    Thoughts and Words

    It's 12 in the morning,
    and asleep i should be,
    but i'm not.

    i should be glad,
    because of the one's who,
    love my ideas.
    but i'm not.

    i should be thinking,
    about finding reasons to live,
    not contemplating,
    ways to die.

    i should be doing,
    a lot of things,
    but i am not doing,
    a single thing.

    i simply sit here,
    and type words,
    that many will never read.
    few will see,
    and rare still few,
    will tell me about them.

    i feel as if i am,
    rambling on and on.
    having nothing to stand for,
    leaning on these words,
    hoping someone will care.

    i say this,
    and mean it.
    i hate my enemies.

    no more an enemy i have,
    than myself.

    so in a sense....

    I HATE MYSELF......

    Now to sleep,
    before i think of another way,
    to end my misery,
    in this life.................

    (sighs, with the closing of eyes)

    By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Sweet, very long but sweet. =]

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