Most of you know about this fellow flaming just about every staff member. I had this little chat with him today

Fashion Blaze: Alright, I am here. Let's discuss this right now since I can't log on at Blaze of Fashion's computer.

Fashion Blaze: Alright. I am here now. Let's talk about this debate.

Lord Katsuhito06: Civilized?

Lord Katsuhito06: No flaming nothing

Fashion Blaze: Yeah yeah, sure, but let's get to the point.

Fashion Blaze: You wanna talk, I am here?

Lord Katsuhito06: OK so what pissed you off the fact I added you to the Blacklist for NaimeOnes wrong doing?

Fashion Blaze: First, that is not the only reason. It was however a trigger reason for me to make that journal entry since you made that thread about the blacklist people.

Lord Katsuhito06: OK what was the main reason

Fashion Blaze: How things around there are getting runned now.

Lord Katsuhito06: to be Honist with you

Lord Katsuhito06: I do not like rippers

Lord Katsuhito06: those that steal stuff from onther sites and glame thim as they did it

Lord Katsuhito06: clame

Fashion Blaze: Well first of all, I would have deleted it if I knew it was on AL. My internet service was down for about a month, so I couldn't do anything about it.

Lord Katsuhito06: OK I am sorry for that mistake on my part

Lord Katsuhito06: But Name one new the rules were under the Temr s of Use copyright and stole them anyways So I was holding the entire staff responcible till Name one posted a "I am sorry for stealing your forum rules"

Fashion Blaze: Also, Name one was being moody with the authority of our staff, so I wasn't a Administrator during that time.

Fashion Blaze: Also, he didn't know that the rules were also copyrighted.

Fashion Blaze: He thought only parts of the website was copyrighted.

Lord Katsuhito06: Anything and everything is copyrighed by AO on that site and the respective ccreaters anime owners and licence holders

Fashion Blaze: Okay. So we got that straight now. Well, he didn't know that.

Lord Katsuhito06: He should of reat the terms of use before even joining the site it was up before he joined

Lord Katsuhito06: Forum Titles Forum Discriptions are cpyrighted to Cyber gig

Fashion Blaze: Are these terms on the rules?

Lord Katsuhito06: Wallpapers are copyright to ther creaters and what not

Lord Katsuhito06: - Intellectual Property

The copyright in this entire Web site is held by AnimeOnline. All material provided on this Web site is protected under United States copyright laws and international copyright laws and treaty provisions. Except as expressly provided herein, none of the material provided on this Web site may be copied, distributed, republished, reproduced, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any form for commercial use without the prior written permission of AnimeOnline. Any user/member found breaking any copyright laws or breaking any rules set now or in the future by the staff forfeit any free rights and may have their accounts terminated at the discretion of the creators. All anime titles/images/media/character names/and all properties related are owned by their respective copyright owners and are only being shown to help support the growth of anime in the world and online community.

Fashion Blaze: He knows that part, but are the terms on the rules.

Lord Katsuhito06:

Fashion Blaze: ok, let me read it.

Fashion Blaze: Ok, so you are tellign em that anything on that website is copyrighted?

Lord Katsuhito06: Copyrighed by Staff and the owners of the walls uploaded to the gallery

Lord Katsuhito06: and forfiting your free right was public humiliation

Lord Katsuhito06: Seeing as I didn't know a tthe time it was name one that did it I put the whole staff of that site up

Lord Katsuhito06: till ether gig or myself or even Dan got an apligy for the ruels and form name stealing

Fashion Blaze: That's another thing, why would intentially humiliate someone in front of the whole website. Couldn't you just send them a PM or something?

Lord Katsuhito06: I told you

Lord Katsuhito06: I do not like people that steal

Fashion Blaze: Name one says that he will apologize, but unfortunatly, he is blocked from your IM, and that he is banned.

Lord Katsuhito06: You were on the black list a month or 2 before I even posted that topic in the Graphics section

Lord Katsuhito06: I will unblock him and tell him to chang the forum names too

Lord Katsuhito06: I noticed a few on there that matched AOs

Fashion Blaze: one moment please. I will call him to fill him on on this situation.

Fashion Blaze: Alright, he said he will change the things.

Lord Katsuhito06: and Im going to say one more thing. you can say what you want in your journal but flame anoter staff member I will lock your journal down

Fashion Blaze: I remember this from when AnimeAficando(or soemthing like that) got banned for posting in the forum section about something to similar of what is now. I remember that someone said that if you want to do soemthing liek this, then you should put it in your journal.

Fashion Blaze: I was expressing what was on my mind.The reasons why I started that entry were that I got a even worse humuliation on the blacklist when it was posted on a topic in the cyber lounge, by you, your staff spammed in a whole thread, one of my firends got a warning just for asking about the warning system(or so he told me), and then things got even worse when some of your staff started to go, in my opinion, beyond their authority in their comments, in my journal entry.

Lord Katsuhito06: well AA wanted to be ban

Fashion Blaze: The journal entry comments from some members of your team, however, was a main provocation of why I kept going on with this. Then Cybergig1 explained to me the whole everything on what was going on, and then I find you start to flame about me, and now we are at this point.

Fashion Blaze: Sorry about that. my computer went weird for a minute.

Lord Katsuhito06: NP

Fashion Blaze: Anyways, if you read that whole thing, you can see why I kept going.

Fashion Blaze: However, after talking to Cybergig1, I realized that this was becoming really pointless, but then one of my friends at your website said that you were flaming about me, which made me want to get back on this argument.

Lord Katsuhito06: Yeah I read it all and it said that you were just pointing the finger at one jerk Im a jerk to those that are jerks back I live by a motto "To get respedt you must first earn it" Unlike my staff members I don't have a problem with gay lesbian bi because my G/F is bi

Fashion Blaze: That was the main reason, during that time, why i kept going.

Fashion Blaze: I changed my opinions around when I got more facts stright.

Lord Katsuhito06: I didn't flame you in any ways I just got pissed someone was pointing a finger at me for proteckting copyright of the site and all the hard work I have put into AO

Lord Katsuhito06: I have logged about 100 hours in site worsk sence I have been admined

Lord Katsuhito06: thats monthly

Fashion Blaze: Well, that wasn't the main reason why I started to flame you. The thing that probably got me really concerned on how things were being run was that thread about the avatar, and your whole staff started to spam the entire time.

Fashion Blaze: I heard it was just to relieve stress form, I think, frr_vegeta, but I am not sure if that was truely the reaosn.

Lord Katsuhito06: Who asked about the avatar?

Fashion Blaze: The person asked about "a little picture thing", and I assumed s/he was talking about the avatar, and your team started to spam in most of the thread.

Fashion Blaze: I asumed it was deleted since I could not find it, anymore.

Lord Katsuhito06: Probibly in the Archive section

Fashion Blaze: Nope. Only two threads are in the archive.

Fashion Blaze: It is also not in the Forum Feedback and Questions section.

Fashion Blaze: By the way, I am only partially gay(I'm bi-sexual), so that's was a reason why I got very angry. I was getting insults for something way off topic during that entry. I wouldn't have minded insults on what I was doing because I needed to knwo what others thought.

Fashion Blaze: Also it wasn't fully true, and it was coming from a moderator(Raven Omega), and he got people who agreed with him.

Fashion Blaze: And they made insults as well.

Lord Katsuhito06: well I will talk to him about his behavior in that entry

Fashion Blaze: So, I do apologize for flaming you, but I had to tell things that I thought were bad, that was going on at your website.

Fashion Blaze: Such as how Raven somewhat went over his authority.

Fashion Blaze: Also, in a way, you somewhat flamed me and threatend to ban me for flaming you.

Fashion Blaze: In a way, doing something you didn't want me to do.

Lord Katsuhito06: This quote"I tell you what you find a better reason on why you don't like me and I will be more then happy to discuss it with you over IM but you flame me on this site again it will be your last journal entry." didn't mean I would ban you means I would lock down your jurnal where you couldn't post in it again

Fashion Blaze: er..yeah, that. But I felt it somewhat unfair that you were flaming me, and threatend me of that for doing the same thing you were.

Fashion Blaze: Also I would like to know why one of my firends Blaze of Fashion got banned.

Lord Katsuhito06: Someone PMed gig and said something like "OH he threatened to ban KoF yada yada yada

Lord Katsuhito06: If I remember correctly I think it was spamming I will check the logs on why

Fashion Blaze: Who is "he" in your first reason? And who was spamming?

Lord Katsuhito06: H was me

Lord Katsuhito06: He was me someone PMed gig saying I threatned to ban you

Lord Katsuhito06: I did no such thing

Lord Katsuhito06: just lock your journal out

Fashion Blaze: Wait, I am confused. So he told gig that someone was thretening to ban me?

Lord Katsuhito06: Thats what I heard

Fashion Blaze: Also, I don't know who this c.c. guy is, but he accused him of making more than one account. Blaze told me he did, but went to ask gig if he could make another one because his original one wasn't working, and gig allowed him to.

Lord Katsuhito06: thats cool, and has anything else happened since we last talked. in regards to the fashion person I mean. I got some big pm about you supposedly threatening to ban them yada yada. But I dont know if that happened before I talked to you about it or after

Fashion Blaze: Me ban who?

Lord Katsuhito06: Blaze was ban due to smapping

Lord Katsuhito06: No

Lord Katsuhito06: Gig got a PM from someone that I threatened to ban YOU!

Fashion Blaze: Oh, I think that was me. I think I thought you meant you were going to ban me that time, and I PM-ed Gig about this. I think i still have the PM. Let me look.

Fashion Blaze: Nevermind. i think it got deleted. But I did somehting to Gig, but it was mainly on that I wanted to discuss this situation with you.

Fashion Blaze: Also I didn't like the fact that you flamed me.

Fashion Blaze: That was in the PM.

Lord Katsuhito06: OK cool Now that we got everything worked out sorry about the flaming and what not

Fashion Blaze: Alright, I apologize to.

Fashion Blaze: But I would like to expect a apology from Raven, and he will get one from me as well.

Lord Katsuhito06: if you don't mind I would like to take this log of the chat and show the staff everything is worked out so you don't get busted for flaming. Also I would suggest if you havent already mark that entry as private to keep anyone else from responding to it

Fashion Blaze: Alright. But I would like to point out that there was osme stereotyping in the entry, and there may be people at your website who could have been offended by that.

Fashion Blaze: *some

Fashion Blaze: I assume that I may one of many.

Lord Katsuhito06: the gay comments hence why you should mark it private if you haven't already

Lord Katsuhito06: to keep people from reading it Thy don't have problems with gays just wne you point out a staff member the staff is going to support the staff member in any way posible

Fashion Blaze: Like trying to find anything possible to win?

Fashion Blaze: I ask that would you allow Name one to return if he apologized to the whole website?

Fashion Blaze: The journal entry is now private, or was, I think, before I was about to make it private.

Fashion Blaze: Hello?

Lord Katsuhito06: Im here reading an entry someone told me to look at

Lord Katsuhito06: I will allow it but its something I need to clear through gig first

Fashion Blaze: And as for Blaze of Fashion, I would like to know who banned him, if possible.

Lord Katsuhito06: Well seeing as it was befor the warning system I think I did

Fashion Blaze: Really? I saw that he was banned two days ago.

Lord Katsuhito06: Nope

Lord Katsuhito06: I will look it up hold on

Lord Katsuhito06: Blaze of Fashion frr_vegeta 11-04-2005 8 Days 11-12-2005, ~11:38 PM 6 Days, 4 hours [Lift Ban] Multiple accounts are forbiddon, King of Fashion.

Fashion Blaze: What was with the "King fo Fashion" thing?

Lord Katsuhito06: Your IP and his IP matched

Lord Katsuhito06: meaning its ether on the same computer or same ISP connection

Fashion Blaze: Well, we both registered on AOL, but different computers.

Lord Katsuhito06: Im guessing using the same Connection

Lord Katsuhito06: or what not

Fashion Blaze: Eh, AOL sucks anyways.

Fashion Blaze: Also, just out of curiosity, but I would like to know hwy ketaro got a warning. He told me he just asked about the warning thing, and got warned for it.

Lord Katsuhito06: I don't Post announcments for my own amusemnet

Fashion Blaze: I see.

Lord Katsuhito06: I post them to inform the members of stuff I have done on the site and with me being all busy I didn't have time to explain it to him so I gave him a warning for not reading annoucments before PMing me about it

Fashion Blaze: I will tell him that.

Fashion Blaze: For the introduction thread, is it okay to write the same greeting as your other ones?

Fashion Blaze: I meant section, not thread.

Lord Katsuhito06: OK Blaze will be unban

Fashion Blaze: The introduction question, please?

Lord Katsuhito06: Nope

Lord Katsuhito06: that would be consittered flooding

Fashion Blaze: Okay.

Fashion Blaze: Gotta go. Later.