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Thread: [TUTORIAL] Sceneric wallpapers and Picture Manipulation

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    [TUTORIAL] Sceneric wallpapers and Picture Manipulation

    Sceneric Bg and Photo Manipulation Tutorial
    A Tutorial by Jaderabbit

    This tutorial deals with taking 3 or more pictures and combining them into one for a unique style of background that can be used as just a wallpaper or other characters and etc. can be added to it for a more unique background.

    Step: 1 First off you need to find at least 3 pictures that you can combine. My 3 are below incase you want to use them on this trial. "You can use more than 3 pictures the more pictures the better this will turn out."
    000_0084> Pic1
    000_0085> pic2
    000_0086> pic3

    Step: 2 Open all of these files up in photoshop. An switch to your base photo "the photo that your going to be combining everything too"

    Step: 3 Theres a piece of a house on the left of my base 000_0086 so first off i need to remove that. Switch over to 000_0084 and cut out what i show here - pic4 Right Click the photo on the layers menu and then select layer via copy. Name that copied layer "layer2" Then drag that copy over onto your base 000_0086. Then close the file 000_0084 once you moved that layer over onto your base.

    Step: 4 Since layer2 isn't turned the right way select that layer and horizontal flip it. "Edit-Transform-Horizontal flip" then move that layer to cover the house. "SHould look like this so far" - Pic5

    Step: 5 Heres where things get interresting and ur perspective training begins. Click layer2 and then select a fuzzy eraser about the size of 100 will do for right now. Start erasering along the edges of the trees note not to actually erase a ton of the tree limbs away >> should look something like this - pic6

    Step: 6 Grab a smaller brush about 40 or less and start erasing the sky on layer 2 more. Then it should look more blended into it. duplicate layer 2 and "Filter- blur- gaussian blur- that dup. layer by 3" then set the duplicated layer2 to overlay.

    Step: 7 Goto 000_0085 "the space image " and drag the entire thing onto ur base file 000_0086. resize it and put it below layer2. Then rename the space image Layer3. "veiw pic7 to se how much to resize it by"

    Step: 8 Now you can see more sky on the layer2 get your eraser out and erase the rest of ur sky on layer2 and the duplicate layer2 should look like this right here - pic7

    Step: 9 Grab your eraser by 100 fuzzy and start erasing the bottom of the layer3. After the bottom is erased "make sure that none of the 000_086 base layers sky or trees is showing... if it is showing uve erased way way to much.

    Step: 10 Set the layer3 by overlaying it by hardlight. Then erase the bottom to fit the bottom of the trees ^_^. - Pic8

    Step: 11 Wow its starting to look really cool by now duplicate layer 000_0086 and gaussian blur it by 3 "filter-blur-gaussainblur" then set the duplicated layer by multiply.

    Step: 12 Make a new layer underneith the layer2 copy layer "name the new layer layer4" "since we can still see the bottom of the tree we need to get rid of that" Grab a black brush around 50 fuzzy and run it along the bottom of the trees. like so - Pic9

    Step: 13 Geuss what your actually done.... so congrdulate urself on a job well done ^_^. But since im a picky fellow i kept adding to mine ^_^. I added water and fog. But its up to you what to add. the more u add the better it looks. Such as clouds or the moon. just cut pictures erase stuff and blend... that EASY!

    Here my final> pic10>

    I'd enjoy seeing your final as well so post a link here or email me your picture at [email protected]. Also if you use this style on any of your wallpapers remember to credit jaderabbit for the tutorial. Cause i don't i don't want to take the tutorial down cause it's meant to help people advance further in there photoshop skills and learn how to use the basics to their extent. Hope i helped some people out... also 3 of the pictures i used are pictures i have taken ^_^ "well except the space picture lol"
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    Re: [TUTORIAL] Sceneric wallpapers and Picture Manipulation

    You r00l, sensei!! I don't think I could do it as well! I love your result.

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    Re: [TUTORIAL] Sceneric wallpapers and Picture Manipulation

    l Stone Hold l Now We're Cooking! l Thanks to Kaos for the awesome sig!


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