Ok boys and girls and Tech geeks alike as some of you may know I'm the guy who posted the First threads on tweaking Windows XP as we all know Windows is crap and Lunix is the new "God of the OS" or soon to be however for ppl who dont like change and like the easy use of Windows there are ppl like my self who will tell you what you can do to make it better faster stronger now I spent alot time reading ALOT and testing I have finaly found what I belive to be the best tweaking guide it has everything from BIOS tweaking to simple defraging info as I'm not the creator of the file I can not post anything in it without some kind of copyright risk; however I can post a link. The Guide can be found here at


I think its A++ stuff and of all I've read its the best I've seen thus fare so stick to it and plz for your sake and my mental well being Read all that comes befroe the tweaking