It needs a hell of alot of work. Some of the sentances dont make sense, but tell me what you think anyway. I haven't thought of a name either.

I awoke to faint sounds of scratching at my window. They were very quiet, yet quite persistent. My right foot stepped lightly upon the chilled bedroom floor, and I cursed under my breath at this horrible noise.
Feeling under my bed, I found my slippers and slid those horridly cold, furred shoes over my feet. Again, I cursed as the sound persisted.
Swinging the blankets off of my warm body, the shock of the room made my flesh tighten, my hairs standing on end. This time I cursed loudly, swearing at whatever was so persistent to wake me.
"Hell!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Whatever you are," my voice grew louder, "go away!" And still it scratched at my window.
I stood still, just desperate to know what creature the noises were coming from outside of my bedroom window. The fire of my candle writhed on the end of the long white shaft, throwing all sorts of odd shadows against the wall. A stalking feline creeping up behind me, as the rats scurried behind the wallpaper. My imagination was too vivid, and I shook my head back to my senses. Faintly, yet distinctly, the scratching could be heard.
As I approached the window, to the creature against the frigid winter world outside, my eyes noticed a small parting in the airtight seal, the window had been left open. I can surely remember closing it. My thoughts, spoken aloud, shook me wide awake. I crept closer to the window, as the wind chilled my very soul. In the distance, the direction of my room, came a faint, yet distinct scratching.
The sounds filled my ears, as if thousands of little creatures were near. I spun in place, right around. Nothing, nothing but the dancing flickers of my suffering flame. Again the tapping, the scratching arose from my chamber door.
My feet moved quickly as I ran through the house. The flicker of the flame almost extinguishing, as the air flowed past my speeding corpse. As I neared my room, that scratching, that tapping grew so very loud to my ears. I stopped by the door, and yelled at the top of my lungs, "Leave me now you creatures of Hell! Leave me! Leave me be!" And still they scratched, more numerous than before.
Turning the handle, and pulling slowly ever so slowly, the door crept open, as I held the candle to shine the light upon whatever stirred behind my door. What caught my eyes I cannot forget. Hundreds of eyes gazing back at me. Twisted shadows clawing at the paper on my walls. The torch fell from my hands and extinguished and I, I was left alone in the dark, with these creatures whose eyes shone bright. They spoke in a language quite unknown. Forever now, I would not be alone, for the scratching and howling would not let me go.