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Thread: Unreal school (Private for now)

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    Unreal school (Private for now)

    This is an rp thread(I got no clue where to put it.)

    Alright...this is about a school, there have been weird things happening lately. It is set in a cross between modern and space age. There are places outside of the school, so the story is not just stuck there. There is a gymnasium on the second floor, classes on the first and second floor(come up with anything you want), caffeteria on the bottom floor, boy and girl dorm rooms on seperate wings, and the principal's office right after the main entrance. That is all I can come up with for now.


    No god-moding
    semi literate
    Pg-13 relationships and the same for cussing.
    No killing other people unless it is discussed through pm's first.
    If you are going to kill-off your character, pm me first.
    Have fun!

    Short bio:


    Name: Alex
    Sex: Male

    Appearence:Medium length black hair, medium tan, brown eyes, black long cargo shorts, tight red longsleeve(under), tigh black t-shirt(over), and black boots.

    Power(s)/skill(s): He is great in tae kwon do and swordfighting. Also he is really fast in his normal state.

    Weapon(s): A katana he hides in his room.

    Pesonality: He has a multiple personality. Normally he is nice, caring, serious when he needs to be, and sort of shy. His lighter personality is cowardly when it comes to fighting, but is a great strategist and really nice guy. The darker personality is completely wild. But he also seems mean at times.

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    Re: Unreal school (Private for now)

    I've got bad news for you, and I've got even worse news.

    The bad news: We don't do forum rpg here.
    The worse news: I'm closing the thread because we don't do forum rpg here.
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