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Thread: Untitled Poem

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    Untitled Poem

    i just don't care anymore,
    i don't want to be a part,
    of all this pain, again.

    NEVER have I hurt like this,
    NEVER will I have a life.
    why can't I seem to get anything started?
    why must I always be the victim.
    why should they target me.

    i am no threat,
    i am nothing successful,
    hell, nobody cares.

    they don't want to see me die,
    i just say turn your heads,
    and walk away.

    you don't care for me,
    it's unnatural to do so.
    so let me die for once,
    pain or myself one.

    hearts grieving,
    mind pounding,
    soul tormented,
    body numb.

    i can't feel anything,
    so why should you care,
    for a broken man.

    at least i can say one thing,
    i was kissed once,
    but that was lust,
    not love.

    never to be loved,
    never to be desired,
    i'll die alone,
    as i came into this world....

    By: Justin McCormick "I give my all, because that's all i have to give...."

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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