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Thread: Usefull psp web-help

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    Usefull psp web-help

    I want to dedicate this thread to benifit the new hardware known as the Playstation Portable (psp). If anyone has any problems, I wan't this community to help as much as they can with it. Also I want this thread to display helpfull websites that will aid in working with the psp.

    This website gives a very clear and step-by-step process on how to format a new memory card, and with that, to play movies, music, or show pictures.

    A handy freeware program that will help you convert your files into readable .mp4 files for your psp. (From: Heard it from Cybergig1-thanks!)

    This is an article on how to read manga on a psp. The main thing though, is it has a PSPhoto thing that you can download and help you convert images to your psp. (if you can't get it to work, view the readme!)

    I have also heard that there was a bug in the psp. The color for the background seems to misbehave. It tends to not switch over automaticly sometimes unless you fool around with the date and time controls.
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