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Thread: V-Day Poem From a Darkened K' Heart...

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    V-Day Poem From a Darkened K' Heart...

    What will it take,
    oh world.
    before i find the one,
    i desire.

    on this day of hearts,
    nearly done,
    and i look to the heavens,
    and ask again.


    why must i feel this despair,
    for not feeling complete,
    for not feeling whole.

    where is this other half of me,
    my destiny,
    my other piece of soul.

    ....what to do....

    seeing all these happy people,
    crying inside i am,
    never to recover,
    from past wounds alone.

    for where art thou,
    fair maiden of mine,
    whose fairness is farthest,
    and doth smite this,
    this hateful place.

    comfort me of maiden,
    and let my banner be,
    YOUR comfort,
    as I obtain victory.

    I shall be strong with you,
    for now i am broken,
    as i have been,
    but with you,
    soon not be such.

    out there be the one,
    my reward,
    the fig from my branch.
    the fruit of my labor,
    and pain.

    be not afraid maiden,
    i call unto thee,
    for i will stand against all evil,
    if thou breathe life in me.

    i shall be thine own,
    your shining khight in the dark,
    for i've ventured there any a times,
    and have returned many times 'ore.

    be my reward,
    nothing else i ask.
    just be with me,
    and that's all.

    love me,
    that's it.

    you don't even have to touch me,
    if you don't want to.
    just let me know,
    you love me.

    that's all i need....

    By: Justin McCormick (K' Heart)

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    That's an honestly romantic poem. Perhaps someday, you might just find your maiden (or princess). Nice touch on the words, they truly speak the heart!


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