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Another bonus we got is an upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie titled Just Friends with a formerly fat Ryan Reynolds trying to get in the pants of a high school flame. It looks hilarious. Honestly I think Ryan Reynolds may be the next big comedian or maybe just a Sean William Scott type with a little less annoying and a little more sarcasm, either way he needs more roles.
Yes he definitely needs more roles, plus he's Canadian so that kicks ass even more.

I haven't seen this movie yet but I fully intend to. The bits and pieces I have seen from it are funny enough though. I work at a movie theatre and when I am on Usher I always have to go into every theatre every half hour to do checks and I get to see about a minute of each film while in there. Sometimes it sucks because I have to walk in on movies I haven't seen yet but really want to and I am always scared it's at a important part that could spoil the movie.