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Thread: Well another relationship comes to an end.

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    Well another relationship comes to an end.

    This week me and my girlfriend broke up, it happend day before yesterday I don't know why I have such bad luck with girls, she said she was getting a bad feeling from it instead of a good feeling, and when she gets that feeling she ends up hurting people, but yet I told her when we started going out that if anything bothers her to lket me know about it. Why don't girls listen to me!
    It's not that hard to speak your mind you know. This is the fifth girl to never say a word about it. How am I going to know what it is I do wrong if you don't say anything to me about it. I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong. She said it has nothing to do with me, but i find it hard to believe something had to trigger it.

    Anyways, I guess it wasn't meant to happen, god must have something really good instore for me, and I can't wait.

    See for the last 5 years I've been ready to find that one person and settle down, I've been ready since the 8th grade.^^ Maybe she's someone I never noticed before, or maybe she's someone I know like a close friend. I'm jst going to stop looking and I'll most likely run into her.

    Any of you others guys feel the same way or something similar to this?
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    This is something that can go into your journal Topic closed


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