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    Post What is.....

    What's the stupidest thing a person you dated or liked ever said to you?

    Have you ever had one of those moments where everything's cool between the person you like or dating, then the person messes the whole moment or experience you ever enjoyed. Man doesn't that make you want to pucnh that person in the face or tell them off(steams start coming out of my head,::realx:.

    Well I'll tell you about this guy that I dated last year. First of all I was already going out with this guy nickname:Sesshomaru:, we were to much alike and it wasn't working out. While me and sesshy aren't talking, I'm introduced to this guy that my friend was talking to me about. first reaction::
    Sye(from ronin warriors):No way thats ????(my real name), she's so pretty.
    Me:Ummmmm........(enough siad)
    Thinking:He's cute and tall

    Well he sure didn't waste his time, it looks like to him was love at first site. So schools go on and I find myself dating him. He was so sweet and such a gentlemen(at times i thought he was gay) I know he has a lot of respect, but man could he at least do something else other than kissing me. Anyways later on in the relationship I find out his age and man was a dumd struck. i was two years older then him(Is tallness fooled me and man was he tall and he acted much older.). But I didn't wanna break up because of age difference, because he was a gentlemen. Then blah blah blah months go bye and I long before broke up with the other guy. Anyways make story short in the end we started having problems and that's when he says the most stupid thing to me:
    Sye:Well I think I wanna break up with you and I think I don't love you.
    Me:First of all you don't think you know and plus you don't know what love is you idoit. So don't say you think. You know what I'll make the decision for you. I'm breaking up with you and I never loved you, like yea love no!::walks away::
    Sye:...............................(feels stupid and mad)

    Anyways in the end we became freinds and would always say something mean to eachother(we looked like divirce couple).

    Well anyways, I want you to tell me their stories and feeling, blah blah ect....Just make sure it deals with my thread. But one thing none cand say that they don't deal with stupidity with the heart, because at least once you liked or dated in your life. I just say junior high and high school relationships are childrens game and puppy love, but sadly thanks to teenage hormones we to become a victim of it. Maybe you are the one who said something stupid or unbelievable, so post it or not(I understand people like to keep some things private).

    Note:Again this happened last year

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    Sorry, but you are only allowed to start a maximum of three threads per day.

    Since this has no replies and is one of the newer threads you've started, this is now closed.
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