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Thread: What do you think about it?

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    Question What do you think about it?

    Why is it so bad to ask for "licenced" anime rips? No one gives a $hit about copyrights. MAKE ANIME, NOT PROFITS!!!

    All I wanted know was where I can find some english versions of Naruto or Samurai Champloo rips online. What's so bad about that?!?! I can't afford DVD's, they're all jacked up!

    The whole concept of underground anime is based on a D.I.Y. ethic of keeping anime free. What does everyone else think about getting anime for free?

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    Re: What do you think about it?

    They will not think nothing as this thread is closed...

    "Make Anime, not profits" And how in hell do you expect for companies to make anime if they dont get any profits, since when people work for free... You wont get any link from people on this site so better look elsewere... Get a life...

    Edit: OK I saw that this is your second attempt on the subject, for that I will give your first warning, better stop the requests or you will get banned form the site...


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