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Ah. Yeah, Appleseed was good, but I seriously doubt Anime will go into full 3D anytime soon.
There's actually much more CGI work in recent anime productions, but since the studios are doing a much better job on integrating it, most people don't realize it is CGI. The best example so far is 'Steamboy', which is nearly all CGI work, but colored to resemble the more common hand drawn anime style. Other series that are CGI rich are the more recent works from Studio GONZO, such as 'Last Exile' and 'Samurai 7'

The current trends for Anime in the US market does not look good. Retail sales of Anime DVDs have leveled off, with only the most anticipated series (such as 'Gundam Seed', and 'Full Metal Alchemist') selling well. Sales of the lesser known, and less hyped series (such as 'Kaleido Star' and 'Princess Tutu') have actually declined. It is debatable how much of an effect that Fansubs, and the availability of cheap bootlegs have contributed to this trend...

With the decline of the retail market, your seeing a drastic decrease of new series being licensed from Japan, and a increase of inexpensive collection rereleases to milk additional income from properties already licensed. (This does increase income in the short run, but since the market of anime is finite, the rereleases do compete against the introduction of new series...) Your also seeing a movement towards other sources of income, such as more series soundtrack CDs, and movement towards premium cable channels.

The way things are going, I see a shakeout among the US distributors, with the smaller companies either failing, or being absorbed by the larger players. The current trend in Japan has been towards the light hearted comedies, Magical Girl and Harem series (which are not in demand for the US/European market...) With the decline in US licensing of series, and the current trend for series with limited world demand, it remains to be seen if the Japanese anime industry can maintain the 'bubble market' pace that it has since the start of the new Centuary...