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Thread: Where's My Turn...

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    Where's My Turn...

    when will I find,
    my chance in this life.
    what will come first,
    one chance or another.
    when will i find relief,
    in one form or another,
    i can't ifnd it where'ver i turn.
    i want a chance to live,
    or my turn to die,
    since neither i can seem,
    to have either.
    i can't live,
    because i was never alive,
    same one time,
    the only thing i wanted,
    was love,
    it's all i need.
    since i can't find it,
    then what else can i like,
    that i can recieve.
    no one seems to care,
    save one.
    but she can't always be there,
    and i'm being forced away from her.
    i want so badly to hear from her,
    the only friend i have,
    but i want my turn to die,
    or is it fear.....
    i don't know anymore,
    i'm numb from the toes up.
    a shiver runs up my spine,
    remember, no one is at all like me.
    so now i return to the darkness,
    i hear it calling me again.
    i really dont want to go,
    but no one else is there to stop me.
    the only path i see,
    leads to the darkness.
    i only pray,
    that death is there to greet me.
    "is it my turn, yet....." I scream!!!

    Justin McCormick (SHADE---K' Heart is gone for now.)

    "No one knows me, anymore...... The darkness consumes me...."

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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