Who is this man I look at in the mirror,
Who is that guy staring back at me?
I know not who he is and why he's here,
I guess I may never know either.
Maybe he's someone I am going to be,
Or is he someone I once was?
Is this man a stranger because it seems,
That, that outcome is surely possible.
The man stares back at me with the same confusion,
As if he knows he too but can't put a finger on me.
Am I his pain or is he the pain in me,
This I may never know.
Again who is this man I see,
With my eyes but now blueish green.
A color in this man I have never even seen,
So now why do I peer at him so?
I have no clue as to who this man is,
But I do think he will become something someday.
Because I said I'll never be anything but he looks like he can,
Well I hope to one day again see that mysterious man...

By: Justin McCormick