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Thread: WHos fault is it?

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    Re: WHos fault is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by ~diva..
    [i]oh, i'm so sorry, did that rude awakening crumble the foundation of your purist castle? do you really want me to provide other peoples' "facts" to prove to you what's already obvious? i thought that was quite evident *smirks* let's bring you up to speed on a few things ~ war is profitable, this is fact...oh i forget, you won't take me seriously if i don't provide any links, so for reference ~ click here (note* - no pun intended about the word stock, of course..). as you can see, this is a site with many visuals of military arms (or products, as i like to call them) ~ scud missles, guns, tanks, jet planes, ammo, computer guidance systems, jeeps, uniforms, helmets, radar systems, sophisticated programs, fuel, monitors, tents, scopes, stealth technology, cruise missiles, tracking systems, infared systems, chemical arms, medical equipment, nuclear missles, stinger missiles, boots, goggles, respirator masks, bombs, trucks, explosives, grenades, bombers, computer chips, monitors, camo face-paint, radios, communcations technology, military satellites, submarines, navy vessels, etc, etc, etc......shall i go on? where do you think this comes from, the sky? no, made by companies that develop their products for the military "war-effort" & go for high demand during war time, & if one knows exactly where to invest their money ~ well, i'll leave that to the imagination.. from a financial standpoint, i support war in the sense that i'll make a handsome profit from it.. evil? perhaps, but it's true nonetheless.. as long as humans blow each other up for "noble" causes, other humans will profit greatly at the expense of life ~ hence, war is good for business..
    I can see why this person got banned.

    Thats one of the stupiest things I've ever read from some one who has clearly done no research or has no knowlage of the subject at hand. About 90% of the time war is not profitable, in fact its quite the opposite. look how much money the US has wasted on Iraq. The US is in the worst finacial state its ever been in at the minute. How many countrys have made profit from war or building arms? Not many. The British goverment wastes billions on weaponary a year, I know as my dad spends a lot of his time buying aircraft for the MoD (Ministry of Defense) as thats what he does for a living. The building of arms was what dragged the Soveit Union into debt and was a very big factor in its collapse. Think of the amount of money wasted after WW1 and 2 by the Allies to help rebuild Germany.

    War is not profitable in any sense.
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    Re: WHos fault is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trunks
    Okay, i've had enough of all this crap. You should have checked the rules pertaining to "flaming", as it is not taken lightly. This crap is seriously getting on my nerves as well as MANY others.

    Take your immature and egotistical additude somewhere else. Goodbye.
    Wow. Lose my internet connection for the weekend and I miss all the good stuff.

    Interesting post Felnor. It's nice to get the inside look on a subject.

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    Re: WHos fault is it?

    Hmmm... Intresting debate so far.

    I agree with a lot Arrianna has stated.

    A really good friend of mine has been in the military for many years. He served overseas in Bosnia, and saw terrible things there. He was recently sent to Iraq... He was injured (lost his leg ) And he is now home. He was there for over a year before the accident. He has talked to be quite abit about his experiences. I asked him if he blamed anyone for his hardships in war... He said no. He doesn't not approve of tyranny or opression of innocent people: Which was why he joined the military in the first place. He wanted to make a difference. But he also says it was his CHOICE. He was not drafted, or forced into doing anything.

    I blame no one at this point. War is awful no matter where you stand.

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    Re: WHos fault is it?

    Ok, so are we debating why people join or who is to blame when they die? I thought it was the later. In boot camp everyone learns about their freedoms, foreign policy, the Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC), as well as the fact that you may die along with a ton of other stuff. In fact probably a good 20-30% of boot camp is spent in classroom environments. We learn why we go to war and what can happen if we do. We see the results of nuclear testing, chemical/biological weapons, explosives, bullets, the wounds associated with each as well as the after effects of said wounds such as infection or amputation. After learning all this you are given a choice, you can walk away. In fact at any point before graduation you can quit. You are discharged under a failure to adapt to military life/standards, which has no negative reprocutions and is a general discharge not dishonorable. Our soldiers know what they are fighting for, and their leaders know what they are sending them into battle for. So, I ask you this why are they sent into battle? Is this reason one worth dieing for? The answer is FREEDOM ours, theirs, yours. And hell yes it's worth dieing for, otherwise there wouldn't be people voluteering to be soldiers. If there were no volunteers then what, the draft. We fight so that you don't have to. We fight so that you can reap the benifits these people died to give you, FREEDOM cherish it, people are dieing to give it to you.

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