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Thread: why care

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    why care

    what the hell is with these parents? i talking about the ones who force their kids to achieve instead of incouraging them to? when i went skying this asshole of a father was screaming at this kid saying how he'd never accomplish anything i he didn't get on the ski-lift. WTF!!!!!! the kid was obvious affraid pal jeez. he needed support, not gun to the back. and then there are those parents who push the kids to becoming star perfomers. they push the kids to live the parents dreams. my god those parents should not be allowed to be near these kids. some parents brutaly beat their kids if the parents think the kid did a line wrong or something. i'd continue but i'd probably be kicked out for language, etc.

    anyway, give your opinion if you want but if you disagree, give at least one example on how these parents(not the encouraging,but the mean ones) are good enough to have kids

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    To quote the Forum Rules...
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    And we have the current valid thread. 'Stupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Kids' located here...
    Stupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Kids
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